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Cosmopolitan Loutraki, with its thermal springs, the Casino, the lake at Heraion with its ancient temple, the beach at Schinos with its picturesque tavernsIsthmia with its ancient monuments, the Isthmus canal, Perachora with its history and the highland village of Pissia and the Gerania mountain range, offers, through its tourist tradition and history, quality services for an unforgettable weekend, as well as for a complete holiday package.

The town of Loutraki, known since antiquity for its medical water, owes its name to the spa baths that operated at its springs and was known during ancient times by the name ‘Thermae’. Later, it was acknowledged as the metropolitan centre of touristic Greece and of course, as the first therapeutic centre.

The Municipality covers an area of 196,870 km2 and has a population of approximately 16,520.During the summer period, the population of Loutraki exceeds 100,000. The local inhabitants are mainly occupied in the tourism industry and at the same time in the developing light manufacturing industry, craft industry and agriculture. The local industries are mostly involved in bottling mineral water and making confectionery items, two products for which Loutraki is renowned.
The Municipality of Loutraki – Perachora is the most tourist – developed municipality in the prefecture of Corinthia, with a very high tourist activity by Greek standards.

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